Sunday, January 4, 2009

Update: My Entrecard widget

I manage to get my Entrecard widget for this blog, so to all my visitors and readers please drop me some love now ^_^

To the contest sponsors you may now send your EC credits. Thanks so much! :)


The Designer's Chic said...

Hi I will just email you ur layout codes....just leave ur email address to my blog...

Sam said...

Hi Mommy Elvs,

Happy New Year!!! Congratulations i manage to sent your 1000 ec. Good luck and have fun in dropping!!!!

Sherry said...

hi thanks for the comment, please email me your code so I can put up at another contest.

sherrygo at hotmail dot com

pls take part my contest too

elaine said...

Hello, I just sent you 3000 ec credits. That's from my Random Chronicles and Pink Hues blog.
Congratulations once again.

I shall be placing your Entrecard logo on my blogs too. :)

Have a wonderful 2009!

Sherry said...

oh yeah my contest required blog that is 3 months old

Sherry said...

hi your ad is up anothercontest blog and til 10 feb.

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