Sunday, January 4, 2009

I won second prize!

Yippee! I won second prize at MommyKo' s Christmas Giveaways. I only learned about it today when i saw some messages in my comments section. During the holiday vacation i have very limited access in the internet, i can only check my main blogs and place a few updates on them that's why i didn't see the messages here.

This is my newest blog, as you can see this is just my third post here i don't even have a chat box or an EC widget yet ^_^ so winning the contest is really a blessing!

But now that i'm back to work, i already have access on my blogs anytime here in our office, so watch out for more updates about the latest contest and giveaways here.

To Mom Gen and to all the sponsors, thank you for this opportunity! Happy New Year!


Joy0z said...

This is Joyoz of email me your paypal Congrats and Happy New Year!

sweetytots said...

mommy elvs, sent you the ec already..

hope you have a good day!

leaving you some swett thoughts from Sweetytots

gengen said...

Thanks also for joining...

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